Naughty Video Malware on Laptops: How to Debug Your Device

Malware, often in the form of naughty videos or other pop ups, can disrupt the way your laptop operates. Some malware is used to gather private information or gain access to private computer systems. Malware is the combination of the words malicious and software. Getting rid of pesky malware from your laptop will save you many annoyances.

Is Your Laptop Infected with Malware?

There are a few surefire signs that your laptop has become victim to naughty malware. If advertisements appear by themselves, your home page suddenly changes, or you notice Favorites or toolbars that you never added, you’ve likely been infected. Even ultrabooks for designers can get infected with nasty malware.

If your browser unexpectedly stops by itself, programs or Windows aren’t working properly, or it takes longer to start your laptop, these are also good indications your laptop has fallen prey to naughty malware.

How to Remove Malware from Your Laptop

You can remove the malware yourself or take your laptop to a computer repair shop. If you want to try the do-it-yourself method, here’s how to get rid of nasty malware bugs.

1. Enter Safe Mode by hitting the F8 button when the first screen appears when the computer boots up.  If your laptop runs faster in Safe Mode, you probably do have some form of malware or a virus.

2. Delete Temporary Internet Files to speed up the process of removing the malware. Using the Disk Cleanup tool will often make this process run faster.

3. Download a malware scanner, even if you already have anti-virus software. Anti-virus software, such as Norton Anti-Virus and McAfee Anti-Virus, don’t always pick up malware. One of the best-quality, free malware scanners is Malwarebytes. Since malware is more prevalent than ever, there are many different malware removal programs to choose from. Choose wisely or you could just be installing more malware!

4. Run Malwarebytes in order to remove the malware from your laptop.  Follow up by running your Anti-Virus software.

Run a Scan to Identify the Perpetrator

Sometimes you will find that removing the malware is much more difficult than just running a scanner. If you find that the malware is still there, you will usually know the name of it. Go to your favorite search engine and type the malware’s name followed by “removal tool.” You will find other people that have found solutions to the same problem, many of whom are often kind enough to offer solutions for other victims.

If you are unable to find a removal tool, you may need to get a more advanced removal tool like HiJackThis. This tool makes changes to the Windows Registry, which is how your computer functions. Using this program should only be done when you have a higher amount of technical knowledge than the average laptop user. If you feel uncomfortable messing around with essential operational process, this may be the point when you want to contact a computer repair shop or a computer-geek friend.



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