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There are tons of dating sites out these days, with many for every niche available. Not surprisngly, however, many men are just as clueless on how to act on a dating site as they are when approaching women in bars. In some ways it’s even worse as there’s little repurcussion for acting like a fool when approaching a woman anonymously. Check out this article where a guy posed as a woman online with a dating profile, and then was shocked as to how he was treated by the men communicatiing with his fake profile. It’s depressing in one sense, but it also shows the real opportunity out there for guys who know how to act.

Acting like a desperate fool never works. That should be understood by everyone, but obviously it’s not. Don’t hassle a woman who doesn’t respond or doesn’t express interest. Move on as there are many more women out there, either on that site, other sites or around the corner from you. Never get too wrapped up in one woman. Also, the direct approach can work sometimes, but it’s usually much better to be confident and playful. Engage in fun conversation and then read her mood. With women it’s important to listen as every one of them is different and will take a different approach.

Part of it is also taking into account the site that you’re on. If you find a great adult dating site through XXX Sex Guides, then obviously you can move faster looking for a hookup. But again, read the situation. many women on those sites still want to feel like a guy wants more than just a hookup. Others are more direct, and then you can take advantage of that opening. If you’re on a more traditional dating site, then you have to subtlely work the attraction angle.

If you’ve found you’ve made any of the mistakes described above or in the article linked above, then you should definitely start checking out the advice of pickup artists. It’s amazing how much you can do with these sites if you know the right approach.


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