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With the explosion of wearable video cameras, it was just a matter of time before they created new trends in sex. We know sex and porn drive tons of new innovations, and the POV porn trend has been growing for years. But now with inventions like Google Glass and video cameras embedded in glasses, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sex.

This is even more true with Google Glass, which is much more than just a wearable video camera. Here both sexual partners (or multpile partners!!) can be wearing the gadget and then onserving in real time what the other is seeing! Imagine how turned on a woman can get if she sees what you’re seeing when you do downtown! This has all led to a Google Glass sex app that’s sure to get tons of attention. Many couples love to experiment in the bedroom in order to keep things fresh, and this adds an awesome new wrinkle. Also, you can decide later whether to keep the recording or have it erased. Of course there’s always some risk when you’re letting your sex play be recorded, and there will be times when this device won’t be an easy option. Just imagine bringing it up on a first date! That might work if you know you’re with someone who makes it clear she’s kinky and into experimenting. Hell, it might be the trick that gets her into bed with you! Just be judiscious on how and when you use it.

Guys love recording things, and if it were up to many of them they’d love to record their sexual adventures, even secretly, but that’s not adviseable. Consent is critical both as a matter of good taste and accoriding to the law in many jurisdictions. So be careful. But we’re always looking for exciting adventures, and we can always have the company of a lovely model from places like Models Escort Agency and Select Sydney Escorts, so you have to be savvy about these things.

One thing to consider is just taking advatage of the fantasy of possibly doing these things. Women love to talk about fantasies, and bringup up things like this, and teasing them about trying it can help you get women thinking about sex, and thinking about sex with you. This can work great with single women in a bar. It can also be a topic just to get your wife in the mood. Be playful about it and she’ll respond in the right way, even if you never end up actually using this particualr tool.



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