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With the explosion of wearable video cameras, it was just a matter of time before they created new trends in sex. We know sex and porn drive tons of new innovations, and the POV porn trend has been growing for years. But now with inventions like Google Glass and video cameras embedded in glasses, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sex.

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Online Dating Guide

Improve your game today!

You've got to brush up on your game to get the girl! Find your hookups with this online dating guide.

Learn how to act on dating sites

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There are tons of dating sites out these days, with many for every niche available. Not surprisngly, however, many men are just as clueless on how to act on a dating site as they are when approaching women in bars. In some ways it’s even worse as there’s little repurcussion for acting like a fool when approaching a woman anonymously. Check out this article where a guy posed as a woman online with a dating profile, and then was shocked as to how he was treated by the men communicatiing with his fake profile. It’s depressing in one sense, but it also shows the real opportunity out there for guys who know how to act.

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Plenty of casual encounters online


If you’re experience with online hookup sites is limited to the casual encounters pages on Craigslist, it’s understandable that you might be discouraged a bit by the prospects. You have to sift through so many fake personal ads that it can be maddening. But there are plenty of sex dating sites out there if you just do some research and try several sites, and you’ll find tons of real women who are looking to hook up. Now, be careful to focus on hookup sites and not simple “dating” sites where most women are seeking love and relationships.

With that in mind, there are all types of women on these sites, so keep this in mind as you’re going through the process. Here are some to consider. The key is paying attention to what she’s telling you about what she wants.

Women who want affairs. There are many women in boring marriages or relationships that are looking for an affair. Here, raw sexual desire is driving them, but most will be very obsessed with secrecy. You have to make it clear that you understand how to be discreet.

Secret sex. Even if a woman isn’t involved with someone, she may have plenty of reasons to want a secret lover, or a secret one night stand. I’ve found women who will even be careful that you don’t work in the same field so that there’s no way she will run into you in her normal social or work circles.

Sugar Babies. This should be self-explanatory. Frankly, if you have money and you’re willing to throw it around a little, you have a huge asset and it will be easy to find hotties willing to please you however they can!

Party Girls. The two hotties above should get you excited about this category. Young women in particular, but even many divorced women, have a party streak and adventurous streak in them. Many of them are also into hooking up with other girls, so this opens up all sorts of opportunities to get two of them together with you for an epic experience. The key is putting them in situations where they can let loose, and the best would be parties in nice hotels, nice house, boats etc. But you probably want to avoid the club scene as now you’re competing with every other guy around you even though you’re the one that found her online and got her out. Perhaps a nice lounge with killer cocktails and appetizers would be a better option. She’ll be impressed but won’t be as distracted.

So give these sites a try. You’ll find all sorts of women with a wide variety of common or kinky sexual desires. And you’re just the guy to give it to them!


Women looking for affairs

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It’s amazing how many women are putting themselves out there these days. Whether it’s at bars and clubs or in the online dating world, more women are finding ways to meet their sexual needs. Some of course are still more obsessed with love, but plenty of women realize that they want to satisfy their sexual needs as well. whether they find love or not. This of course is great news for you! Whether you looking for a steady sex partner or one night stands in the UK, you just have to put the effort in and find these women.

There are several things to keep in mind. First, you need to be aggressive but also confident and playful. Don’t come across as desperate. If you exude an aura of confidence and fun, then you’ll get good responses from her. This is true when meeting women in person and when meeting them online. Listen to what they are saying, and let that guide your conversation.

Next, strike while the iron is hot! This comes naturally if you’re traveling or on vacation, because you’re not likely to get distracted by work or other things. But in regular life there may be a tendency to go for more convenient times for your hookups. But while you don’t want to come across as desperate, you need to act when she makes it clear she’s ready to meet or ready to move to the next stage. Women are very fickle. Their moods can quickly change, and you can be sure you’re not the only guy she’s talking to. Don’t let good opportunities go to waste. If she wants to meet, but you’re tired and have work in the morning, drink an energy drink and get your ass out there! Take advantage of every opportunity.

Finally, always have an exit strategy. Women may insist they want a one night stand or something casual, and convincing her you can be discreet is essential. But sex brings out emotions in most women, particularly when you’re good at it. So have a pre-planned exit so you can use it if needed.

Happy hunting!


Vegas is still a hookup paradise


Las Vegas has a well-deserved reputation as being a great hookup spot. It’s loaded with women who are ready to party and there are so many opportunities to meet women who are in the mood. With your hotel room being just a walk or a can ride away, it obviously makes things even easier.

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