Hot drunk girls dancing in sexy bikinis

Combine drunk girls dancing and bikinis and you have a delicious combination. Somebody is getting laid!


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Party girls out at night

These are the kinds of hotties you want to run into when you’re out on the town. Gotta love party girls!

amateurs 5

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Get ready for Cinco de Mayo

amateurs 9

This photo ought to get you ready for a wild night of Cinco de Mayo fun! Hopefully you get a visual like this at the party, AND late at night when she’s about to swallow something else!

If you like sexy amateurs, check out ImLive and Girls Gone Wild.


How to be a Bad Girl, by Amber M

Amber M from The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen has a hot new blog on how to be a bad girl – just for us!

First step is to be a good girl with a bad girl personality! You should be tough, spicy, and fearless! Don’t worry about insignificant things and just grab the world by the horns!

The ultimate bad girl is someone that is a good person but just embraces their natural bad girl tendencies and does so with poise. A bad girl should always speak what’s on her mind and it doesn’t matter how she goes about it.

A bad girl needs to know how to get what she wants. Most importantly, she needs to know what she wants, when to take it, and how to get it. She should, however, be aware of the consequences.

A bad girl should be comfortable with herself. She needs to know that she is amazing yet be humble enough to not be egotistical.

A bad girl should have a good guy, not a bad guy, but doesn’t really even need a guy at all. Using the good guy is paramount because he will balance her out where a bad guy will just hinder her bad girl self.

A bad girl needs to have fun but be safe. She should be aware of all the tricks and never get played.

A bad girl requires a naughty side commonly used for “bouncing up on it.” Sex is a very powerful tool and she has to know how to use it. She has to be completely comfortable with her sexuality and open to exploring every aspect of it. She should use her teeth when necessary, especially if it helps her maintain her spot on the receiving end.

A bad girl needs to stay optimistic. She can leave the negativities for the haters (there will be many) and find the positive in every situation.

Nice job Amber! Watch her and the other bad girls on Tuesday nights on Oxygen.


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