Jessica Clark is super sexy as Lilith in “True Blood” season 5

Jessica Clark Lilith True Blood screen shot

In this screen shot above, you get a peak at an epic nude scene from season 5 of “True Blood” which just came out on Blu-ray and DVD. “True Blood” is known for beautiful actresses taking their clothes off, and here we have the stunning Jessica Clark, a gorgeous, exotic actress from the UK of mixed British, Indian, and Nigerian descent, playing the vampire goddess Lilith. The full-frontal nude scenes with Jessica will blow your mind, particularly her perfect boobs and perky nipples. You can see much more of Jessica Clark and the full nude scenes at “True Blood” returns tonight for season 6 on HBO.

Also, we had no idea that Jessica Clark was a lesbian, as you can see from this video. We’re not sure if that makes her even hotter or if it takes away from the fantasy that we’ll meet her some day and hook up . . .


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