Porn star Jennifer Stone looks just like Jennifer Aniston

Wow – the resemblance is amazing! Want to imagine what Jennifer Aniston looks like nude? Check out the full galleries of Jennifer Stone and you’ll probably get a good idea.

jennifer stone mk1149-05_006


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Rachel Green is everyone’s fantasy

If you watched friends. you were probably in love with Rachel Green. If you didn’t watch the show, you still probably had a thing for Jennifer Aniston.

Rachel is featured in Bullz-Eye’s new High Maintenance Hotties – 10 TV girlfriends you’d love to date. Vote for your favorite! Here’s the write-up on Rachel:

When we met Rachel Green, she was a demonstrably shallow and ambition-deficient twenty something with a nose job and a dentist she’d left at the altar – your basic stereotypical Jewish American princess rewritten for the ‘90s, in other words – and, yet, from the moment we discovered that Ross Gellar had carried a torch for Rachel since their teenage years, we understood why. It helped, of course, that she was utterly smoking’ hot (and enough of a ditz that she was prone to grabbing a loosely crocheted blanket to cover up her freshly showered torso if you burst in unannounced), but beneath all that pampered entitlement lurked a heart sensitive enough to melt at the sight of a gawky Ross pining for her on prom night – and deep enough to juggle a burgeoning career with unexpected single motherhood. Rachel was frequently foolish, often exasperating, and she did have a troubling mean streak, but just like Ross, we always knew, deep down, that she was totally worth it.


Jenifer Aniston naked in GQ

Jennifer Aniston loves taking off her clothes. Is it hard to figure out why? She looks awesome when she’s naked, but she also like to cover up just enough to drive us crazy. Her nude gallery in GQ is no exception, but she still looks incredible.


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