Miley Cyrus tongue fetish

Miley Cyrus has become the ultimate white trash fantasy, overtaking Britney Spears a long line of party girls. With the video above, you see Miley sticking her tongue out every time she takes a photo with a fan, ensuring that any guys around there start getting ideas in their heads.

UPDATE: The original video was removed from YouTube, so we replaced it with another Miley video of her recent photo shoot where she shows off her ass in a thong and her nipples in a sheer top!


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Celebrities that enjoy gambling

hot babe playing poker

Some of today’s celebrities enjoy the luxurious lifestyle offered to them by the casinos of the world. At these venues they can find their favorite casino games as well as gaming tournaments. There are actually many celebrities today that enjoy gambling. Some prefer to play their favorite games for charity while others want to gamble for fun. Some actors have been introduced to gambling from the films in which they have starred. As a result, some celebrities are prominent figures in the casino world.

George Clooney is a well-known celebrity that also enjoys casino gambling. The actor starred in two of the hottest gambling movies, Ocean’s 11 and Ocean’s 12. During the filming of these movies, Clooney and fellow co-stars were known to enjoy poker. Clooney is known to frequent various table games in the casino. These games include poker, roulette and blackjack. Clooney became so enamoured with the activity that he did make an attempt to be part of a group of investors who were to build their own casino. This occurred about 6 years ago and unfortunately enough investors could not be secured.

Another celebrity that enjoys playing poker is Matthew Perry. An avid player, Perry is probably best known for his long standing role on the sit-com, Friends. Perry plays both for personal gain in tournaments as well as for charity. Perry likes casinos that can cater to his desire for privacy. In fact, the Bellagio has provided him private weekends in their casino. Perry was afforded the opportunity to play only in the private areas of the casino and given access to back entrances. While Perry enjoys spending an evening out in a land based casino, he also enjoys playing at home. With many online casino sites from which to select, Perry can also maintain privacy when gaming through this format.


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