Nice Guys: What to look out for and how to avoid them

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Here’s some advice for the ladies.

When you hear the phrase nice guy thrown around, you may instinctively think, “Hey, that is the sort of guy that I would really like to get to know.” But seriously, if you have kept your nose out of popular culture recently, then you probably won’t realise that it is in your best interest to stay away from these sorts of people.

The very idea that “nice guy’s finish last”is not a very honest one. Women do not just love the bad boy or jock stereotype. Instead, they are interested in well-rounded individuals that have a strong sense of their own identity, their own interests and goals, personal boundaries and are not just interested in jumping into bed with them.They do not mould themselves to suit a woman and instead just find someone who just naturally clicks with them. However, for the “nice guy”, this is certainly not the case. These are the sort of men that are not willing to wait to find someone who suits them. Instead they blame the lack of sex and intimate relationships in their lives on the world and people around them.

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